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Probate, Wills, and Trust and Estate administration can be confusing, it can be daunting and very time-consuming, especially if you don’t know where to start. If you’re delaying your legal work it could have huge cost implications for you and your family further down the line.

Gain peace of mind, control, and security over your Wills, Probate, and Trust and Estate Planning. Putting these elements in place means that, no matter what happens, your Estate, Wealth, and Assets will always be protected for your family. You’ll always be in control.



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Protect your family for generations to come.

We understand that the legal world can be complicated, daunting, and time-consuming. The choices you make now impact your family for generations. Everyone will have different circumstances and will have different ideas about how to protect their family but one thing will always remain the same. Ensuring your Will is completed, Probate is dealt with properly, and your Trust and Estate Planning is implemented correctly can save your family from so much added heartache and stress, and it allows you to rest easy knowing that your family will always be looked after, even after you’re gone.



What is a Trust?

You may have heard of Trusts and how you are able to put Wealth and Assets into a Trust for your family. Trusts are one of the most under-used and misunderstood pieces of planning available to the public.

Protect against your child’s future divorce, potential bankruptcy, or even dictate exactly how and when you want your Wealth to be distributed through the power of a Family Trust or Beneficiary Protection Trust.


Speak to a member of our Advice Team about the benefits of Trusts and how they could help you to keep your wealth in the family for generations

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Probate Services

It can be a very difficult and emotional time when a loved one dies. That's before the added difficulty of being responsible for dealing with their estate. All of their assets will need to be gathered, outstanding debts may have to be settled and due taxes may need to be paid. Only then can assets be distributed as per the Will. This process is called Probate...
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Wills & Intestacy

If you are a resident of England and Wales and die without having made a legally valid Will or a Will that has partially failed in some way, your estate becomes subject to the Rules of Intestacy. These rules determine how your estate is to be distributed after the payment of all your debts and liabilities, testamentary expenses and funeral costs…
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Bloodline Protection

Penguin has the necessary know-how and experience to protect your family assets through our variety of different trust structures.
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