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When life throws a curve ball, our experienced team is here to help.

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What We Do

The Penguin Team has a vast amount of experience dealing with Probate, Wills and Trust and Estate administration.

Through our superior communication process we will be sure to guide you through the process, every step of the way.
We also promise that our prices will be transparent and clear. Here’s how we can help…

Probate Services

It can be a very difficult and emotional time when a loved one dies. That's before the added difficulty of being responsible for dealing with their estate. All of their assets will need to be gathered, outstanding debts may have to be settled and due taxes may need to be paid. Only then can assets be distributed as per the Will. This process is called Probate...
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Wills & Intestacy

If you are a resident of England and Wales and die without having made a legally valid Will or a Will that has partially failed in some way, your estate becomes subject to the Rules of Intestacy. These rules determine how your estate is to be distributed after the payment of all your debts and liabilities, testamentary expenses and funeral costs…
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Bloodline Protection

Penguin has the necessary know-how and experience to protect your family assets through our variety of different trust structures.
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‘Extraordinary personal service and attention to detail. Trustworthy and successful. Highly recommended.’
Michael Edwards, The Cardiff Cat Clinic Ltd.
‘The Penguin Team are always available to offer ongoing personal help, advice & support and to answer any immediate help on all matters relating to probate. It is a first-class service offered by true professionals, and I have the confidence in them to be able to recommend then to several friends and family members.’
Stephen Bywater
‘They don't talk down to you or talk gobbledegook to those of us that don't fully understand legal speak but put everything in layman terms. Penguin give you confidence and trust in what they are doing. I think they treat you the same whether you have a million in the bank or not.’
Christine Williams