In normal circumstances I do not deal with the financial aspects in our household.

These financial matters were dealt with by my partner.

I was aware of Penguin Wealth and that they were dealing with my partners financial matters like ISA accounts, pensions and Investment portfolio etc,

However in March 2020 very suddenly, my partner suffered a stroke that left him unable to speak, paralysed on the left side of his body and hospitalised for many weeks.

Meanwhile we were in the midst of the Covid19 crisis and the hospital was on lockdown with no visiting at all and almost all businesses either closed or working from home.

Whilst he was hospitalised it became essential that we release some funds from his portfolio so that we could make what were now essential changes to the home in order for him to be able to return home safely when he is discharged from the hospital.

My partner who’s speech was also practically non existent at this time asked me to contact Penguin Wealth and ask for this drawdown of funds to be done.

In order for the funds to be released signatures and identities of those with power of attorney had to be obtained and confirmed and I must say that Penguin went above and beyond in their response and kindness to us both and made it possible in extraordinary circumstances to achieve our goals.

I would recommend Penguin Wealth to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy financial advisors who put their clients at the forefront of their business.

My partner and I are most grateful to Penguin Wealth and their staff for their kindness during our crisis, Thank You all.



Mr D J Morris / Dr. R S Kermeen

My wife and I would like to thank Penguin Legal for their friendly, informative and professional approach to preparing our new UK Wills. Their assistance to also ensure our Cypriot Wills were aligned, with no potential conflicts with the new UK Wills, was also very helpful. We also really appreciate your excellent service experience due very much to your friendliness, sound advice and professionalism throughout the transaction. We are now a lot more comfortable Penguin Legal will act as our UK Executors and Trustees with the new Wills in-place and based upon advice provided by Penguin Legal we have ended up with far more simple UK Wills whilst still taking advantage of the changes in Inheritance Tax changes over the last decade.

John and Sue Carr

Penguin’s wonderful team constantly keep us fully informed of what is going on in “our” legal world. We have learnt that we mustn’t panic, and the company inspires confidence that, as long as we continue to trust them, they will do the best they can for us. So far so good!

Kevin and Judy Knight

Penguin have been looking after my Estate Planning affairs since 2006. During this time, they have been meticulous, thorough and clear in all the advice they have given. Penguin have been systematic and methodical in the area, but almost more importantly they have paid a huge amount of attention to the protection of family wealth through trusts and other means, and making sure my children are protected from financial predators in the future. This has given me a most reassuring sense of security for my family’s wellbeing.

Sadly, my wife died recently, but the resulting fallout has highlighted the excellent work on Estate Planning that Penguin have organised over the years to keep our affairs in order.

John Squire

Extraordinary personal service and attention to detail. Trustworthy and successful. Highly recommended.

Michael Edwards, The Cardiff Cat Clinic Ltd.

The Penguin Team are always available to offer ongoing personal help, advice & support and to answer any immediate help on all matters relating to probate. It is a first-class service offered by true professionals, and I have the confidence in them to be able to recommend then to several friends and family members.

Stephen Bywater

They don’t talk down to you or talk gobbledegook to those of us that don’t fully understand legal speak but put everything in layman terms. Penguin give you confidence and trust in what they are doing. I think they treat you the same whether you have a million in the bank or not.

Christine Williams