Here at Penguin our mission is to make your future as comfortable as possible.
But why should you choose Penguin Legal to guide you through these challenging times?

Industry Recognition

The standard of our work has been recognised by several different bodies over the last few years. We were recently named “Estate Planners Of The Year” by Solidus, for the second consecutive year. This award identifies Penguin as one of the UK’s most productive Estate Planning firms and recognises the comprehensive and effective Estate Planning solutions that we have put in place for our clients.

In 2016, Penguin were named Adviser Firm of the Year Wales by both MoneyAge and Citywire’s New Model Adviser. These awards recognise advice firms which show a true understanding of the advice market and put their clients at the heart of everything they do. Naturally we were absolutely delighted and honoured to receive these prestigious awards.

Superior Communication

No matter what we are working on, we make every effort to ensure that we communicate with all of our clients in a clear, helpful and regular manner.

Whether it’s through meetings, calls, regular email communications or resources such as guides and books, we will be there to guide you through every step of the process.

Transparent Pricing

We charge guaranteed fixed fees, rather than a percentage of your estate. This way you can save money on fees and plan your finances from the outset. We don’t hide how much our services will cost, but please be aware that fees may increase for complex estates.

However, once you have received our quote we promise that the fees will not change.

Our Promises to You

We could reel off qualifications all day, though they alone are not the answer. The real answer is because for us it is all about you. Yes that is clichéd but we wouldn’t have gained these awards and qualifications if we didn’t put you first. To ensure that you are happy as possible, we promise to:

  1. To Deliver our services to you ‘On Time, Every Time, Exactly as Promised’.
  2. To Guide you through the processes every step of the way.
  3. To Give you confidence in making wise decisions using clear and simple information.
  4. To Underpin this with Meticulous Planning.
  5. To Listen to you intently, and so understand your personal values and objectives.
  6. To Help you gain a much more comfortable future and a clearer financial perspective.